Zavier Wong

Zavier Wong is a Singapore-born designer based in Netherlands. Currently he is in his 3rd year of his bachelor studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Zavier uses design as a means to embed narratives while having a keen interest with materials and production processes. These embedded narratives in his work usually deals with themes of uncertainty, inefficiency and the forgotten.

Current Exhibition:

KAZERNE | Ongoing Dialogue curated by Annemoon Geurts | Eindhoven, 20 October 2018 – Spring 2019
(Altar & Shelf and Totem Side table)

The Voice of Glass.

In Singapore, there isn’t really a lot of craftsman working with glass. Hence Zavier is always interested in the processes around glass. The voice of glass is a research into the production processes surrounding glass. Merging European traditions of Stain glass techniques and Chinese traditions of burning, He created an object made up of glass panels that resembles a bubble. These fluid-like uncontrollable details are a result of the glass fusing technique. This echoes an idea where the controlled elements of a design are determined by uncontrolled outcomes in a time where we always want to control things.

Altar & Shelf.

We live in an attention economy today where we are easily distracted by the information overload. Through social media, each time we get a “like,” we are feeding our addiction to the attention economy. That also feeds the faux perfection we try to portray. Altar & Shelf serves to remind people of the value on focusing something on a long time and how sometimes our flaws are the parts that make us beautiful. This object was made through many human hours of perforation and welding. The most interesting details of this object are what you do not want when working with steel. These parts are warped and not “perfect”.

Totem side table.

Zavier believes sometimes the smooth things in life can be dull Concrete is usually cast in a mould made up of concrete plex that gives a smooth but dull surface. As a result, he explored new ways of making the mould that does not give a smooth surface. Totem side table has a smooth top surface and textures on the side. It is made from concrete and colour pigments. He used packaging materials as the mould-making material. These packaging materials give the final textures seen on the side table.